Our Maintenance Services

After extensive reaserch we’ve found that a lot of our competitors don’t want to deal with maintenance. We’ve discovered that there is a need for a complete maintenance service throughout Country Victoria and over the years this is an aspect of our business that we do really well.

At Kepal, we consolidate all your maintenance needs into one simple solution, meaning you only have to deal with a single maintenance provider.

This is how we can help with all types of maintenance whether it is;

  • Programmed works
  • Vacant buildings
  • Emergency repairs
  • Responsive repairs.

Why Choose Kepal?

  • We have access to all trades in many locations.
  • We can provide quotes.
  • We contact appropriate tradespeople & provide them with description of work to be carried out. E.g. details of tenant or client, time frames etc.
  • We work to a completion date which our client has provided us with, whether it be 24 hours, 7 days or 14 days.
  • We manage the job.
  • We chase tradespeople for invoices.
  • You receive one invoice from Kepal.

You don’t want to have your maintenance team slowed down by having to do these things above, especially when there are up to 8 different tradespeople attending!

We have a fantastic team in our office and maintenance software in place to make sure the right tradespeople visit your properties at the right time. The best bit, you receive one invoice from Kepal Building Services, not eight.